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About Us

eco-friendly packaging solutions

Eco Mailing Bags aims to provide our customers with a variety of bright and eye catching eco friendly packaging solutions for small businesses. At the heart of Eco Mailing Bags is a passion to offer our customers largely UK manufactured products in conjunction with exceptional level of customer service.

Many of our customers (both those that have been with us since the start of our journey and those who are more recent) are small business owners that have neither the space and budget to buy 1000’s of bags at once. This is where we come in!

All of our pack sizes are small and manageable quantities ensuring that start up and small businesses have access to eco friendly packaging supplies. For those that require larger packs (and bigger savings!) please contact us.

Becky - Eco Mailing Bags

Eco Mailing Bags has been owned by Becky since February 2016.

Becky is hugely passionate about the environment, ethical business practices and sustainability. She loves running her own businesses and also owns the award-winning Sweetness and Pea.

Outside of work – but sometimes alongside! – Becky enjoys spending time with her son, working on her vegetable patch and taking walks in the heart of the Gloucestershire countryside where she lives. Cooking is a huge passion and Becky is working on writing a book about food in her spare time.